2020. Commissioned for imthinkingofyoucymru and Gwent Arts Trust

#imthinkingofyoucymru June 2020

"Kathryn Ashill has been reflecting on the slowness of her pace and her desperate need for personal space during lockdown with her young children. ⁠

For MALWOD Kathryn and her babies are in the heart of her back garden. She wears a snail shell, which provides Kathryn with adequate personal protection and a bit of much needed head space. ⁠

Kathryn also carries the huge guilt of having massacred all the snails in her garden after going on a rampage with bright blue slug and snail pellets.⁠

The humble malwoden/snail carries its house on its back, Kathryn feels an affinity with this domestic load.⁠
Sadly, her garden is now full of empty snail shells.⁠"

© Kathryn Ashill 2023